Data Solutions for Life Science Research

An effective strategy for managing and analyzing your data will help you save time and resources over the course of your projects. Having a clear line of inquiry and a solid understanding of the tools available will benefit your work, allowing you to focus the information contained in your data and produce meaningful, reproducible, and publishable findings. A variety of tools exist to help life science professionals meet their needs for data analysis, including spreadsheets, relational databases, statistical techniques, machine learning methods, and business intelligence software. Each of these tools has its own complement of advantages, disadvantages, and particular use cases where it shines, though with so many options identifying the best tools for the job can seem overwhelming.

Bio Lab Analytics, LLC, provides quality data analysis and management services for professionals working in the life sciences.


We focus on statistical analysis in R, SAS, Python, and SPSS software packages, collaborating with clinicians, researchers, and other decision-makers to analyze their data. Examples of common requests include study design for research & quality improvement projects, statistics/biostatistics, descriptive analysis, and predictive modeling. We also work with our clients to develop effective strategies for collecting, storing, and managing their data.


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The base rate for our services is $90/hr. All new clients receive a free 30 minute consultation to discuss the scope of their project and identify the analysis required to meet their needs.

Hourly Estimates for Common Tasks

Sample Size & Power Analysis - 1 to 3 hr

Experimental Design - 2 to 3 hr

Graphs/Figures - 1 to 3 hr

Manuscript or IRB Review - 1 to 2 hr

Grant Writing Review - 1 to 2 hr

External Agencies

Projects involving public health or regulatory agencies may be billed at a higher rate, due to the specialized knowledge and additional documentation often required when collaborating with these organizations.


Paul Sochacki, MS

Owner (Principal Consultant)

Software Expertise: R, SAS, Python, SQL, Tableau, VBA, Access, Excel, Google Analytics

Subject Matter Expert: Clinical Biology, EMR/LIS, Ecology

Paul is a programmer and biologist that has provided statistical analysis and data management services for a variety of clinical research and quality improvement projects over the past 8 years. He has over 12 years experience analyzing data using SAS, R, and SQL, and has been published in several peer-reviewed journals.

Alisa Ramakrishnan, PhD

Independent Contributor

Software Expertise: R, SPSS, Arlequin, PAUP, Structure, Genepop, MrBayes

Subject Matter Expert: Population Genetics, Plant Ecology

Alisa is a population genetics scientist with a background in invasive plant species research. She has worked on projects ranging from plant breeding to medical device development, and has published peer-reviewed articles in a variety of scientific journals.

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